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For over 100 years, submarines have delivered lasting inclusion. You can now get their secrets.  Feel this unique view here


Diversity & Inclusion's impact on all key aspects of business has been underestimated for decades. John has a fresh view, backed by 40 years of behavioral change research, the 100 year history of submarines and a patent pending system to help you go far beyond, "the right thing to do".  With over 100 paid engagements delivered to schools, cities, companies, state and federal agencies , John appreciates all kind of audiences..  Additionally, programs have been focused on Leadership, Diversity and inclusion, Future Thinking, Communication, Conflict, On boarding, Engagement and other topics of importance that drive aspects of inclusion.   "Beyond all expectations", "next level thinking", and "powerful and exciting", is the norm for feedback,  so you can rest assured your event will be unique, powerful and a wild success.


Insightful and Successful

..I have been faced with leading and fostering an inclusive environment and team when the stakes were really high. John's insightful and inspiring approach will be different, yet successful...

Darryl Webb

SVP Operations

Golden Corral

Putting Action Behind Diversity & Inclusion Programs

 John Gregory Vincent was dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking.  His model for  inclusion is simple enough to quickly apply in any setting and can  produce lasting results.  All organizations who are ready to put actions  behind the words of  their diversity and inclusion programs should  invite his wisdom.

Tami. B. Smith

Deputy Director of HR


The best...ever!

In nearly 20 years of conferences, speeches and breakout sessions I can say, without question, John was the best speaker I’ve ever experienced. He simultaneously fills the hall with energy, expertise, humor and wisdom. This results in tangible tools you actually want to use immediately. No small feat, what a pleasure....

Doug Rogers

Regional VP

Master at his craft

Working with John and also watching him work, I can truly say that John is a Master at his craft. He is professional, informative, and concerned. He always leaves you with actionable tools to have an immediate positive impact. I recommend highly that you make use of John's services... I promise you won't be disappointed....

Charles Howard

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The Challenge

Diversity has traditionally been driven by legal requirements. Inclusion by the well meaning, "the right thing to do".  Both have been run in a separate silo from leadership development,  high potential employee training, even on-boarding.

With the best of intentions, the result of this approach is to diminish the lasting impact of diversity and inclusion. What must be done, specifically with inclusion, is to completely change the way our communities and organizations approach inclusion.

John Gregory Vincent

The Solution

As a human behavior change expert John knows people need two things to embrace change. First how is it going to benefit me?  Secondly what specifically do I need to do differently?

The benefit to the leader is that meaningful inclusion produces better results, more innovation and dramatically reduces negative conflict, turnover and absenteeism.

For the individual, not just a voice but real input, and real contribution. Imagine actually tapping into the best of us, all of us. The only way to achieve this  is through a true system built into the fiber of every organization and community. This is also the answer to the second part of what is needed for behavioral change.

The system is rooted in the 100+ year history of  inclusion seen on submarines, where John served for more than 14 years.  His partner, Deborah Cake Fortin has pulled on her 20+ years of executive leadership expertise to combine these two worlds to surface this system. So unique the business model is being submitted for a patent.  The Submarine Way is the way.


Workshops, Executive Coaching and Keynotes

First revealed to the public in the Amazon best selling book, Diversity & Inclusion The Submarine Way. Now you can hear directly from the co-author and The Subdude himself.

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John has been a studying and leading behavioral change for more than 20 years. His expertise in inclusion through strengths comes from a combination of living and learning from the intensely inclusive submarine world and his work as a Gallup consultant and entrepreneur. There is nothing theoretical about this Gallup certified strengths coach and DISC facilitator. His delivery is lively, practical and completely authentic. 

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john speaking in an intimate setting

The Subdude starts in uniform

owning the large stage

Dialing the energy UP for nearly 1,000 participants.

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