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Developing Your Leadership Brand


Becoming the most authentic and effective leader The Submarine Way

This is a roadmap, to uncover your unique leadership brand, to allow you to be able tap into the talents and character, that will allow you to be both authentic, and highly effective. Surfaced from the secret world of U.S. Submarines, this speech blends powerful stories and testimonials with a proven strength based, inclusion focused, mission-oriented methodology. Not just theoretical here but a highly practical, relevant and energy infused program, that will leave all in attendance inspired to apply what they have learned.

Specific takeaways:

-Learn how to focus on talent, rather than just skills when developing yourself and others

-Identify your specific talents and the characteristics that make you unique and effective

-Have the tools to write your personal Leadership Creed, your guide to effective leadership

Igniting Inclusion Through Strengths

What  life on submarines taught me about people

This is a program with a very specific path for both the individual and the organization to follow to improve performance, satisfaction and prepare everyone for the reality of the future workplace.....

We can and will tailor this program to your organization but the system itself never changes. 

So powerful and unique the system has a patent pending.

For more than 100 years submarines have been a truly inclusive environment. Not because of the super close quarters and the fact you are constantly under threat of death, those can divide and cause massive conflict as much as they can cause bonding. Submarines are inclusive because they have perfected a system, a process to ensure inclusion occurs. 

For nearly 15 years I lived in this world and am bringing the secrets of inclusion from underneath the oceans to the masses. A cornerstone of inclusion is embracing the unique talents of each individual. Not just identifying talent but embracing and developing them. 

We have blended these into a single system and have been using it for more than a decade to massively improve performance and satisfaction. Now we are sharing the secrets with you.  

Specific takeaways:  

-You will learn the 5 steps to creating inclusion in your organization 


-You will learn the 3 anchors needed to ensure the inclusion system remains in place 


-You will learn the real power of turning talents into strengths  

- You will learn the T.E.A.M. system to drive maximum contributions from everyone and maximum job satisfaction at the same time

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Universal Leadership Through Strengths & Inclusion

Submarines do two things as well as any military or non military organization in the world. One is the hyper focus of every crew member on the mission and the second is the practice of Universal Leadership. Universal leadership is the belief that everyone can, and needs to be a leader.

As is the case with all our speeches this one is based on our system, tailored to your organization. It is a fresh take on what empowerment really can look like and how engagement can truly be driven through this approach. Universal Leadership through a strengths based, inclusion focused system, changes everything. 

Specific takeaways:

- The  7 principles of leadership that everyone can use

- How to model and coach effective inclusion

- Finally understand how to drive engagement through inclusion

- How  to make diversity an exponential productivity multiply

- 3 ways to plant the seeds of universal leadership, beginning tomorrow!

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